Because of the interventions to the natural content of the food and the pesticides used in agriculture lately, most of our community has turned to organic food and organic care products. However, the unknown point is that some products that say they are “organic” may not be organic in real terms. Many products may hold the “organic” label today; however, if they are not also holding a “certification logo”, it means that these products are not in accordance with the Organic Standards. It means that, unsuitable chemical-containing materials are used in addition to plant and fruit nectars.

Our purpose as Saru is to enhance spiritual and physical life quality of the people. We actualize this purpose by providing environmentally friendly agricultural products and personal care products that are suitable to the human nature.

To contribute to your future and the future of your children and everyone around you, we provide personal care products that are attained using organic agricultural products, and support organic and sustainable agriculture.



Certified organic cosmetic products are healthy products that do not contain materials which are chemical or cause environmental pollution (pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetically tampered organisms), and that contain a substantial amount of active content due to natural essences. Contents in conventional cosmetics are artificial molecules prepared out of petroleum for savings purposes. Since the planting, harvesting and extracting of the active contents of plants is very expensive, a simple “copy” of the molecules are obtained via industrial procedures. However, these “copies” are harmful, they are not complicated like what is created by the nature so that they can be produces in a cheap way. However, these components have an essential role, they prevent side effects. They guarantee a healthy and harmonious assimilation. The same situation goes for the effects of waste water and trash created during production on the environment. Certified organic products is a guarantee of respect for the humankind and the environment, because natural materials are present in the balanced and unique blend of the nature.


What is a Certified Organic Cosmetic?

They are personal care products that are obtained from certified organic agricultural products and are harmonious with the organic structure of humans. It is a form of production using organic agriculture outputs to create active contents.


How Do I Know That Cosmetic Product is Organic ?

How products may hold the “organic” expression; however, if they do not hold a certification logo, it means that these products are not in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Standards. Certificates given by firms such as ETKO - COSMOS ORGANIC, USDA ORGANIC, ECOCERT, COSMEBIO, IMO, ICEA are contained on the products as information. The logo of the certification agency and/or certificate number are present on certified products. If there is no certification, it is completely ambiguous to talk about such products as being organic.


Why Certification?

The main purpose is traceability and safety. Certification means the documentation of all of the process taking place under unmitigated discipline and control. It is strictly controlled by accredited agencies such as ETKO-COSMOS ORGANIC, USDA ORGANIC, ECOCERT, IMO, ICEA that are tasked with granting or not granting organic certification to products. They check the source and amount of the contents, the production and storage processes.

What are the Contents of the Certified Organic Product?

The nature presents us with a very wide range of contents. This natural variety allows for the shaping of a plethora of effective products that care about the environment and your physical balance. All of the materials that may be used as contents are again certified by a certification agency. Any raw materials that may be harmful for human health are specified and banned from using.


Are There Any Animal Additives in Certified Organic Cosmetics?

Using animal essences or nay tests made on animals are banned in organic cosmetics. Only contents are produced by animals (not harming the animal health, such as honey, milk, etc.) are legal.


Nano Technology?

The use of nano particles and production with nano technology is banned in organic cosmetics. Since elements close to the size of the DNA (nano particles) are not perceived by the cells, no natural process takes place in the body.


What are the Benefits of Using Certified Organic Products?
Organic agriculture is the form of production that is respectful for biological variety and natural balances, and that is the truest and that should be employed. By consuming organic certified products, you support agricultural processes, recovery of the quality of water, soil, and air, and the reduction in use of petrochemical production, actively! You also trigger the organic processes with the outputs of the supported organic agriculture, for example; with any organic agriculture performed for olive leaf essence, organic olives and olive oil are also obtained as organic agriculture outputs. You ensure the re-foundation of many chains such as organic food, organic textile.

Consuming organic products is a healthy investment for a global transformation, for the future, for children which are our future. The main subject that we need to understand is the necessity of using the advancing science and technology only if it’s in harmony with the mother nature.