Saru was founded in 2009 for agricultural production and to provide personal care products that are in harmony with the nature and human health, without harming the environment or upsetting the natural balance.

The mission of Saru is to enhance the spiritual and physical life quality of the people.


It acts with the awareness that any agriculture, agricultural products or personal care products that harm Mother Nature are also harmful for human health.


All products within the Saru products range are approved by international certificate agencies that show proof of their respect for humans and the environment, such as ETKO-Cosmos Organic, USDA Organic, Ecocert, etc.

You, also, as a “Good Citizen of the Earth”, don’t forget that “If It’s Harmful to the Mother Nature, It’s Also Harmful to You!”


Our passion in organic agriculture that started in 2006 became our job in 2009 after our activities in organic agriculture and organic beekeeping. Since those days, every day for us is a joy. We accomplished our longest term plan “to be happy every day”.

Maybe this letter written by our farmer explains to you our passion in this and how we started on this journey, in a better way.

“My children who I love more than my own life. I worked on farming for you, you know how hard I worked, how I returned home without the sweat on my brow drying, how happy we were, how I lost the weariness that I felt on my body after seeing your smiling faces, how it turned into an evening joy.

I made such big mistakes my children, I learnt today how wrong the methods I had used were. I fought the creatures that I saw as farming pests almost up to the point of wiping them out. I hadn’t realized that I broke many chains and upset the balance of the nature when I killed them. How I thought that you could eat the produces that they didn’t eat. I thought that the pesticides I used would only stay on my farm, it never occurred to me that they would mix into underground waters and become a part of the environmental destruction.

I found more yield from the seeds I purchased in the recent years, I harvested more, but how could I know that these produces would harm you. I didn’t know to ask if their genes had been tampered with. But there was something wrong, those lovely honeybees flew away from our region, how could I know that weren’t releasing nectars.


I didn’t mean anything bad, my children, I only wanted to produce more and allow more people to benefit from my crops.

I am so sorry my children. I didn’t know that I was the reason for the withering of your smiling faces. I was ignorant, I thought I was using the advancing techniques and science. But now I know that I can use the advancing techniques and science only if they are in harmony with mother nature.


I am now aware and I now know. I will correct my mistakes to provide a future for you with having to say “I wish”. Now I produce my crops according to organic standards, my dear children, I have my field, seeds, fertilizers, water checked frequently not to lose my certificate, I don’t use them if they are harmful. I studied the natural battling methods I could use instead of pesticides, and I am really enjoying it my children. It is all for your health, so that your smiling faces do not wither.”

good citizen of the earth


As SARU KİŞİSEL BAKIM VE ORGANİK ÜRÜNLER SAN. TİC. LTD.ŞTİ., at the service of manufacturing Organic Personal Care Products and sale;

  • Production with high quality and hygenic standards and support by constant improvement,

  • To increase the product quality and productivity as a result of domestic studies with attendence of senior mmanagement. 

  • To compete successfully national and foreign without reducing qualiyh at the market while keeping the qustomer delight at the highest level

  • To supply the essential sources and motivation for our employees improvement,

  • To follow the provisions laws, and standards; production with growing productivity,

  • We promise to be aware of the responsibility for society and environment.